Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Text Description (Deskripsi)

Ciri Umum:

a. Tujuan Komunikatif Teks:
Mendeskripsikan ciri-ciri seseorang, benda atau tempat tertentu.

b. Struktur Teks:
● Pengenalan subjek;
● Ciri-ciri subjek, misalnya tampilan fisik, kualitas, perilaku umum, sifat-sifat.

c. Ciri Kebahasaan Menggunakan:
· nouns tertentu, misalnya teacher, house,my cat, dsb.
· simple present tense.
· detailed noun phrase untuk memberikan informasi tentang subjek, misalnya It was a large open rowboat, a sweet young lady, dsb.
· berbagai macam adjectives, yang bersifat describing, numbering, classifying, misalnya, two strong legs, sharp white fangs, dsb.
· relating verbs untuk memberikan informasi tentang subjek, misalnya, My mum is realy cool, It has very thick fur, dsb.
· thinking verbs dan feeling verbs untuk mengungkapkan pandangan pribadi penulis tentang subjek, misalnya Police believe the suspect is armed, I think it is a clever animal, dsb.
· action verbs, misalnya Our new puppy bites our shoes, dsb.
· abverbials untuk memberikan informasi tambahan tentang perilaku tersebut, misalnya fast, at the tree house, dsb.
· bahasa figurative, seperti simile, metafor, misalnya John is white as chalk, sat tight,dsb

· Contoh dan Struktur Teks:

MacQuarie University

Macquarie University is one of the largest universities in Australia. This year, in 2004, it celebrates its 40th anniversary.
The university is located at the North Ryde Greenbelt, Sydney, where the New South Wales government sets aside 135 hectares for the institution. In 1964, Macquarie area was a rural retreat on the city fringe, but today the campus and its surroundings have evolved beyond recognition. The North Ryde District has grown into a district of intensive occupation anchored by a vibrant and growing university.
Blessed with a fortunate location and room to breathe, Macquarie can be proud of that careful planning that retains and enrich the university’s most attractive natural features. A pleasing balance between buildings and plating is evident across the campus. This emphasis on the importance of landscape has created images of Macquarie as a place that members of the university are most likely to pleasurably recollect.
One of the highlights of the landscape is the Mars Creek zone. It comprises landscaped creek sides and valley floor, a grass amphitheatre, and artificial lake… surrounded by rocks and pebbles, native plants and eucalypts.
Today, a railway station is under construction. In three years1 time, Macquarie will be the only university in Australia with a railway station on site. Macquarie is poised to be the most readily accessible in Sydney region by rail and motorway, yet retaining its beautiful site.